The Long Game Program




THE LONG GAME PROGRAM consist of 6 DVD's with 40 different videos that give you specific detailed information on HOW to get your body to learn a PGA touring pro type of golf swing without having to go to a driving range.  The first DVD of the series is on this web site under the link DISC 1.  This disc will show you the first 7 videos from the program and will give you a good idea of what type of information you are going to see and how I am approaching helping you to learn a better golf swing.  For many of you, these 7 videos are going to help you solve your biggest issues that you are having while trying to get a better golf swing.

This program was designed primarily for golfers that have taken up the game later in life and are struggling with lessons from a PGA teaching pro. These are the ADULT GOLFERS. If you played a lot of golf as a teenager, it is much easier for you to learn things from a teaching pro and I call these golfers TEENAGE GOLFERS. In reality, this golf lesson learning issue has less to do with the teachng pro and more to do with when you have started to play golf.  The simple explanation as to why the ADULT GOLFER can't do well with conventional lessons can be seen in the video above.  The detailed explanation concerning this learning issue is under the link HOW THE BRAIN LEARNS THE GOLF SWING.

The above video will also explain how this program works and how it is presented to you. This program is a combination of 40 different videos and a 73 page USER MANUAL.  The 40 videos explain in detail HOW to get your body to perform specific movements.  The USER MANUAL explains the mental issues that affect your ability to learn anything in the golf swing and HOW to get your brain to start to help you to learn the swing you want.


On the link, PROGRAM INDEX, you can see the first four pages of this User Manual. The Contents page is the first thing that you will see in the Manual. This generally describes what is covered in each chapter of the manual. Chapter 1 will explain in detail what the DEFAULT SWING is and how to get it even as an adult. On page three, you will see a full list of power leaks. These are the things that prevent you from getting to your best swing. These power leaks do not exist in a teenage golf swing. This program is about teaching you how to get rid of these power leaks without having to use swing thoughts.

On page four of the manual, you will see a list of 32 questions that will be answered in the manual and throughout the videos. These questions address the issues that you will have concerning learning anything new in the golf swing if you have taken up the game later in life.  If you are not asking these questions, you should be.  This also gives you more detail about what subjects that will be covered in the 40 video program.

The user manual also provides informative content that goes into detail on things that do not need to be viewed in a video but are still important to the process of learning your best swing. The Manual is mostly about the mental process and how your thinking and what you are feeling emotionally, is causing different things to happen in your swing. This information is also going to help you understand why your cognitive intelligence, may be getting in the way of your ability to access and use a powerful, accurate and consistent swing.  The manual may be purchased independently from the video program.

What you should expect Golf 4 Adults to do for you:

1. Help you to discover how to access YOUR best swing whether you are a non golfer or a PGA touring pro

2. Allow you to access a swing that is powerful, accurate and consistent without using swing thoughts and without having to learn additional movements

3. Allow you to access this new swing without interfering with your old swing

4. Allows you to simplify your swing by removing YOUR power leaks

5. Allow you to play with more energy for a full 18 holes

6. Uses the laws of physics to explain the consequence of your choices of movement

7. Gives you the information to understand why something is not working and how to correct it instantly

8. Allows you to instantly access video and written information that you choose to see without having to watch video that you don't want to watch

9. Explains biologically why your body will not allow you to do specific things you want it to do

10. Will identify and explain in detail:

              WHAT pro golfers are doing to get distance, accuracy and consistency

              HOW to get your current body to learn the things you want to use in your swing

              WHY you should be doing one thing instead of another

You will be able to use the drills in this program to work on your swing at home or anywhere that you are. You do not have to go to a driving range to use the tools that are presented to you in this program in order to get access to your best swing. You do not have to watch all 40 videos to get the information that you want to access. The LONG GAME PROGRAM comes with an additional 5 DVD's that contains videos from Day 8 to Day 40. Videos from Day 1 through Day 7 are on this web site under the link, DISC 1.

The video menu at the beginning of each DVD that you purchase, describes what each video is about for Day 8 through Day 40. You click on the video that want to watch and you don't have to look at anything that you don't want to see. This allows you to customize your program to instantly access the information that you want to see and not be forced to watch anything that you don't need to see.

After you have the swing you want, you still have to go to the driving range and hit balls to develop hand-eye coordination. You will not have to hit balls to develop the motor memory for your default swing. That information is already in your brain. The details of how this works are described in detail in this program.


The approach or format for learning your default swing through his program is to give you the tools to FEEL what you should be doing in your take a way, downswing and follow through. You will be shown a lot of different options to get to your best swing but you will never be asked to add something to your current swing that you are not comfortable with or you cannot perform. That just complicates the process of swinging the club. Instead, I am going to help you remove all the power leaks from your swing, one at a time, in the correct sequence. It is much easier and more efficient to remove something from your swing rather than trying to add something to your swing.

By simplifying your swing, you will also save a lot of energy from two different places. The first energy saver occurs from NOT using all those extra muscles that you may be accustomed to be using. The second energy saver is caused by not having swing thoughts. Swing thoughts consumes more energy than it takes to swing the club. After you have removed the power leaks, you will be left with your version of YOUR default swing.