Most successful business owners have to learned to delegate authority in their business. When you are trying to remember to do a bunch of different things in the swing, especially when you try to hit your driver, you are not delegating authority to your brain and what it has stored in motor memory. When you use swing thoughts to swing your driver, you are overriding the authority of your brain to retrieve the information concerning how to swing that club well without having to think about it. If you hit other clubs well but not the driver, you are performing some of the work that your brain was designed to perform.

Why is the driver so much more difficult to hit than the three wood? There are multiple possible reasons for this. The biggest one is that you THINK that you need to swing it differently than the three wood. You THINK that you need to swing it harder in order to make it go farther than the three wood. Here is a list of other reasons that you don't hit the driver well:

1. You stress out about having to use it.

2. That stress makes your body function differently which makes it more difficult to hit the ball on the sweet spot of the driver.

3. You feel guilty about not being able to hit it well but you use it anyway thinking that you need the practice.

4. You don't understand that the driver is designed to make it EASIER to hit than other clubs.

5. You have not had a good golf lesson in which the instructor could help you with this issue but you blame yourself and not the instructor. You are both at fault but mostly him.

Here is a quick fix for some of you if you are intelligent. Swing your driver at the same speed as you do your best wood. Don't grip the club tighter and don't swing it any harder that your best wood. That is all you have to do. I know that this sounds too easy. Some of you will get it and it will immediately change your game. The rest of you have been programmed to believe that it is "not that easy to do". These golfers will need more work. The rest of this program is a surrogate for the golf lobotomy.

The driver has the largest sweet spot of any club in the bag. If you don't hit the sweet spot, you will lose distance. You will hit your driver farther if you are not coming out of your shoes because the slower swing makes it is easier to hit the sweet spot.

Try choking up on your driver so it is the same length as your three wood. If you swing the three wood and the driver at the same speed, even with a shorter grip, you are still going to hit the ball farther with the driver than the three wood. How is that possible? Because the driver face is larger and it bends a little inward when you hit it like a tennis racket and this produces a spring effect. Your three wood face is smaller and it will not produce the spring effect.

For a lot of you, just slowing the swing down and having a lighter grip will make the driver shots go farther. No additional effort needed. No more bad golf lessons. If that does not fix it, watch the rest of Day 1 video. There is more information beyond this video on hitting the driver in this program. This issue is being addressed now because it is one of the easiest things to fix, for many of you, and it will have the biggest impact on your game of any club in the bag.

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